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Jadranska Magistrala, 22000, Šibenik




  • BUNGEE SEASON STARTS: 01 July 2024
  • END OF BUNGEE SEASON: 31st August 2024
  • WORKING TIME: each day 10 – 19 h, Friday and Sunday 10-14 h
  • PRE-BOOKING: It is not necessary to book jumps in advance but we suggest that, especially in August, when there are a lot of interested clients.
  • AGE: Clients must be at least 16 years old, for younger clients parental consent is required.
  • DOCUMENTS NEEDED: Any official document is sufficient for identification ( passport, identity card, driving license etc)
  • LANGUAGES: Our entire crew speaks English fluently. Everything that our clients need to know we can explain.  In last 10 years we have not had any problems in communication or misunderstanding and we even had deaf clients. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary to take part in any of the activities. Client cannot do anything wrong.
    We have „Statement of voluntary consent to jump“ on Croatian English, Italian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish language.
  • All these adventures are suitable for groups and teambuilding packages for special price. Please Contact us with your enquiries so we can send you an offer.

Also with the Travel Agencies we have special arrangements. If you are interested we would like to visit you and present possibilities.